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enrollment kits

All of our enrollment kits waive the $35 wholesale membership fee, save you 25-55% off of retail pricing, and allow you to purchase any dōTERRA oils or products at wholesale pricing for one year.

(just like a Costco account!)

simple solutions kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.11.01 PM.png

Wholesale Price: $105.00

PV: 70

This kit includes simple products that offer simple solutions to everyday problems and tasks.

  • Lemon: (15 mL) With natural cleansing properties, Lemon is effective for freshening the air and cleansing the surfaces in your home.

  • doTERRA On Guard® :(15 mL) This oil blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary can help support immune function when used internally.*

  • doTERRA Serenity® :(15 mL) The calming and soothing aroma of doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend helps to create a tranquil atmosphere at bedtime.

  • doTERRA Deep Blue® Rub: With this topical cream, formulated with the soothing Deep Blue oil blend, you can bring comfort to targeted areas of the body.

aroma essentials kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.08.49 PM.png

Wholesale Price: $149.50

PV: 110

For those looking for simple ways to eliminate toxins in their home, aromatic products are some of the easiest places to start. 

5ml bottles of:

  • Peppermint: Peppermint provides a stimulating, energizing aroma that many go to for a quick minty refresher.

  • doTERRA Balance®: doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend offers a tranquil aroma that reminds you to find harmony and balance in both mind and body.

  • doTERRA Breathe®: This incredible oil blend helps maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, while also minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.

  • Wild Orange: With an uplifting, energizing aroma, Wild Orange has become one of the top-selling doTERRA essential oils.

  • doTERRA On Guard®: doTERRA On Guard provides a warm, spicy aroma that can be diffused to help freshen the air.

  • Citrus Bloom®: Citrus Bloom welcomes spring into your home with its blend of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Magnolia essential oils.

  • doTERRA Serenity®: The calming and soothing aroma of doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend helps create a tranquil atmosphere at bedtime.

  • doTERRA Cheer®: Fresh and bright, doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend combines citrus and spice essential oils to provide an uplifting and cheerful aroma that helps when you’re feeling down.

  • Adaptiv®: The soothing aroma of Adaptiv Calming Blend is perfect for life’s most stressful moments.

  • Northern Escape™: A proprietary blend of the best wood and fir oils, Northern Escape has a fresh, green aroma that creates an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

  • Laluz™ Diffuser: This one-of-a-kind ultrasonic diffuser has up to an eight-hour runtime and three ambient light settings to match whatever mood you’re in.

healthy start kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.09.35 PM.png

Wholesale: $160

PV: 100

With 10 pure essential oils and blends, as well as the Pebble™ Diffuser, the Healthy Start Kit is ideal for anyone striving to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lavender: Lavender can be soothing when used internally,* and its calming and relaxing aroma promotes a peaceful environment that’s conducive to sleep.

  • Lemon: With natural cleansing properties, Lemon is effective for freshening the air and cleansing the surfaces in your home.

  • Peppermint: The refreshing, minty aroma and versatility of Peppermint—with uses ranging from oral care to respiratory health and digestive support*—has made it a doTERRA favorite.

  • Tea Tree: Tea Tree is best known for its topical purifying qualities, which make it useful for cleansing the skin and nails.

  • Oregano: A popular cooking spice, Oregano essential oil also serves as a powerful cleansing agent and offers powerful antioxidants,* extending its uses far beyond the kitchen.

  • Frankincense: Often called the king of oils, Frankincense can be used internally for a variety of health benefits* or topically to soothe the skin.

  • Deep Blue®:Formulated to soothe and cool, Deep Blue is an enriched blend of essential oils—perfect for a massage after a long day or an intense workout.

  • doTERRA Breathe®: A popular oil blend, the refreshing aroma of doTERRA Breathe helps create feelings of easy breathing.

  • doTERRA On Guard®: doTERRA On Guard is a powerful proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function when used internally* and also contains cleansing properties.

  • DigestZen®: This oil blend is wonderful effective when it comes to aiding food digestion, soothing occasional stomach upset, and reducing uncomfortable gas when used internally.*

Other Products:

  • Pebble™ Diffuser: This ultrasonic diffuser provides several incredible features, including a five-hour continuous runtime, a ten-hour intermittent runtime, and multiple light settings.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.09.13 PM.png

healthy habits kit

Wholesale: $195

PV: 125

This kit includes products recommended for daily use in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 12.47.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.09.57 PM.png

home essentials kit

Wholesale: $249

PV: 200

The blends and single oils in Home Essentials have been hand-selected to provide you with the most important tools to help you live an active life, both mentally and physically.

natural solutions kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.23.09 PM.png

Wholesale: $485

PV: 335

If you’re at all concerned about the products you use for household cleaning, personal hygiene, supplementation, or everyday tasks, the Natural Solutions Kit is right for you. Designed to help anyone who wants to use natural products to solve commonplace problems, this kit harnesses the power of some of the top doTERRA products to promote wellness and live a more natural life—free of harmful toxins—the Natural Solutions Kit could be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

Kit Includes:

Evolve Kits

* all Evolve Kits also have a vegan option

immunity kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.33.44 PM.png

Wholesale: $180

PV: 137.50

To be able to take care of those you love, you must take care of yourself. Your goals matter, as does your health! The people you love are better off for it too. The best way to care for yourself is proactively. With the Evolve You: Immunity Kit, you can act now so your body is prepared for when challenges come your way.

The Evolve You: Immunity Enrollment Kit includes:

mind & mood kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.34.10 PM.png

Wholesale: $171.50

PV: 140.00


As you start another year and create new habits to evolve yourself, you might need to adapt to a new schedule, ideas, environments, or mindset. While some changes are welcome and easy to accept, that isn’t always the case. Even as you work to evolve into your best self and chase your dreams, you’ll run into challenges and roadblocks outside of your control. The Evolve You: Mind & Mood Kit has effective, natural products to help support you through the ups and downs of life.

The Evolve You: Mind & Mood Kit includes:

relief kit

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 3.34.48 PM.png

Wholesale: $205

PV: 155

Whether you’re starting a new workout routine or just kicking it up a notch from last year, you need to care for your body during the transition. Drink plenty of water. Fuel yourself with nourishing food. And don’t forget your Deep Blue™ Stick! The Evolve You: Relief Kit has the products you need to support your physical goals.

The Evolve You: Relief Kit includes:

And if you are in need of further assistance, please schedule a call with us here!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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