Record your essential oil use + experiences!

~ a personal reference + educational resource ~




I designed The Essential Journal with you in mind.


The Essential Journal, designed for both new and experienced essential oil users, allows you to consistently record and track your essential oil use + experiences. It is a convenient all-in-one journal + oil reference for your personal use, as well as an educational resource to share with other oil users. It allows you to take your oil use to the next level!


Inside the journal are pages with oil-specific prompts allowing you to record:


Each opposing page offers a blank lined sheet that allows you to further reflect upon and write about your oil use + experience.

The Appendix provides charts + diagrams including: 






The Essential Journal is also the perfect addition to your new customer “welcome kit” or gift basket! Or a great incentive or giveaway at one of your classes! 


At home or on the go, The Essential Journal is a wonderful resource for your personal oil journey or to gift the oil lovers in your life!



- “today’s oil" and why you chose it

- how you’re using the oil (with a detailed checklist)

- oil use on your kids, pets, and around the house

- blends/recipes made with the oil

- well-being check in 

- self-care practices, including daily gratitude

- additional daily rituals (chakras, crystals, moon phases)

- how to use oils, dilution rates + other safety information

- a detailed essential oil reference list

- how to use the oils in conjunction with your daily rituals

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