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Record your essential oil use + experiences!
~ a personal reference + educational resource ~


Essential oils have been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years. We continue to use them today in many aspects of our daily lives including holistic health routines, beauty regimens, as well as cooking + cleaning.

Designed for both new and experienced essential oil users, The Essential Journal allows you to simply + consistently record and track your essential oil use + experiences. It is a convenient all-in-one journal + oil reference for your personal use, as well as an educational resource to share with others, allowing you to take your oil use to the next level!

  • Track your daily oil use with the provided prompts as you explore + expand your essential oil collection.

  • Capture key aspects of your essential oil use to better understand the benefits of essential oil.

  • Use as a reference guide to recall your oil experiences, referring back to your entries as needed for years to come.

  • Use as an educational resource when sharing your oil experiences with others.

  • Keep The Essential Journal at your desk or bedside table when you’re home, or toss it in your bag when you’re on the go.

For doTERRA business owners, the journal is perfect for your new customer "welcome kit" or gift basket! Even a great incentive or giveaway at one of your essential oil classes!

The Essential Journal will help you fill in the blanks on your essential oil journey!



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